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Movement that is inspired from a deep inner listening - the true ability to listen not only to your body, but also to your heart, spirit & energy. It is using your body's sensations to guide you towards movement that feels, and is, truly good for you in each moment. From this deep listening births movement that is uniquely your own, and more beneficial & enjoyable than any prescribed workout or pre-set way of moving. Intuitive movement is not about the movement practice itself so much about what it helps cultivate and transform in our lives.




It's one thing to learn concepts. It's another to fully embody them. Embodiment brings learning into your real, every-day, tangible reality. You don't just learn how to deepen your intuition - you LIVE it. You embody it. This is why we practice intuitive movement; because it's not about concepts, it's about transforming your life. 


Yeah, me too.

After a lifetime of dance, BFA in Dance from UCLA, 7+ years of practicing yoga and 5+ years of teaching it, I realized something - I felt constrained. As much growth and meaning as yoga had brought to my life, I ultimately reached a point where my body and energy felt restricted by the stiff, linear, systematic movements. I missed dance...but I also still loved the intentional aspect behind yoga, and its non-competitive, non-performative nature. 

My body was craving movement that allowed more freedom and expression. My soul wanted my movement to be rooted in spirit, and my energy needed something that would work specifically for my individual needs, each day, in a holistic way. 

So I took two years off of yoga to find the answer. After many years in yoga seeking the perfect studio, style, teacher, method, etc...years of learning constantly from outside sources, trying everything, seeking daily...I finally turned fully inward.

During my two-year yoga hiatus, I discovered the way my body innately likes to move, and how that movement serves my energy, emotions, spirit, and life. 

I cultivated an intuitive movement practice - movement that was unique to me, and gave me exactly what I needed, every single day.

I did this by learning to create a deep relationship with my intuition. 

Through intuitive movement, I have found something no outside teacher can give me - because our best teacher is always the one within.

Yes, I still take classes from other teachers, and I support others continuing to do the same. But at some point, you have to turn to your inner teacher, too. You have to strengthen your intuition, your connection with your deeper Self, and let this be your source for your deepest growth. My coaching programs give you the embodied tools you need to strengthen your intuition, use it in your movement practice, and be able to confidently turn to your inner teacher.


We are not meant to move the same each day, or the same as each other. We are not meant to move within a box, or within the same set, structured positions every single day. We each live in very different bodies, with very different needs, desires, and conditions. And each day can bring something different. While there are many wonderful practices worth exploring, it is also crucial to get to know your own body's uniqueness, and what serves your inner self and much as your physical body.


In my coaching programs, I show you how to truly sharpen and listen to your intuition. I walk you away from reliance on highly-structured routines/sequences/workouts, and into deep, loving, enjoyable, sustainable movement that is uniquely perfect for you. 

If you're ready to move outside the box, this is the path for you. If you want to be your own best teacher, and find ways to move your body that truly serve all of you, on all layers, this is for you. Let's chat. I can't wait to see you move the way you were meant to. 

P.S. Don't worry, this isn't anti-yoga. Intuitive movement incorporates the movements you already know and love, just in a new way. I still practice yoga, love it, have much to learn about it, and respect it greatly. 

Intuitive movement helps you walk deeper into what you love - you don't have to walk away from practicing anything you already love and benefit from.


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This course is a deep-dive in intuition and intuitive movement.
This is for all the movement practitioners (yogis, "ex-dancers", etc) who want to build a solid and sustainable home practice...for anyone who feels a little lost in life and is looking to regain your purpose and power...This is for you if you wish to live in deeper alignment with spirit, and want to create a deeper awareness of your body & energy. The entire program is customized to your specific needs.


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"As someone whose career, education and every other facet of her being have relied on an evidence-base to make decisions, trusting my intuition has been a terrifying idea for me. The beautiful thing about Steph's coaching program is that it takes all that external knowing and quite literally helps you to practice and embody it. About 9 weeks into my 12-week coaching program with Steph, my therapist commented during a session that she noticed I'd become much more in tune with and trusting of my intuition. More importantly, I notice it. Through her coaching program, I've learned I have everything I need within me to truly "enjoy the journey" and make the most of my life."

- Jen



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