A 1:1 coaching program to deepen your intuition & empower you in your unique feminine
expression to own you desires, speak your truth, and have confidence in your decisions -
so that you can make the changes you're itching to make and get on with your badass life.

If you are contemplating, desiring, or making big changes in your life,
this one's for you. I am here to walk alongside you in this journey as you
become emboldened in speaking your truth

make decisions with confidence & clarity

trust your inner voice unwaveringly

& own your desires without shame or guilt.

For centuries, moving through life as a woman has meant
quieting your opinions
changing your actions to accommodate the comfort of others
making huge life choices based on other people's opinions
questioning your intuition
being told you're "crazy" when you do listen to your intuition
seeing your desires as "too much", or "wrong"
avoiding making desired changes out of perceived obligation to others
not taking care of your needs for fear of being called selfish

...people pleasing in so, so many ways.


I'm here to break the cycle with you.

When you break the pattern in yourself,

you break it in your bloodline

you break it for your ancestors

you break it for all women. 
I work with those who want to be confident, empowered, intuitive, embodied, and fully aligned to their purpose and path. I work with women who are ready to break old paradigms and start creating the new world in which women are increasingly more expressed, authentic, celebrated, and safe. I work with women who want to stop living their lives for others, and start living their most free, badass, inspired life.
When one of us chooses to take the path, we start paving the path for all women.


I work with women who are ready to become their most intuitive, FREE, authentic self.
(Anyone who has previously or currently identified or presented as a woman is welcome). 

In this unique coaching experience, I take you deeper than your personal growth
work has gone before. Through embodiment tools and my unique
Intuitive Movement Method (™ pending), you will...


Cultivate deep self trust.

Own your unique version of feminine empowerment.
Create a clear connection to your intuitive knowing. 

Come deeper into your authentic expression

Make decisions with confidence and clarity
Release shame & guilt

& start living the life you are meant for.


  • 9 one-on-one coaching sessions (via zoom)

  • Tools & practices between sessions to support your integration & growth

  • Embodiment practices to strengthen your connection to your intuition

  • Embodied journaling to guide you into deeper self-awareness & truth

  • Tapping AKA Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • Guided meditations

  • Breathwork


12 weeks / 3 months


Ready to get started, or curious to learn more? Schedule a call by clicking below, during which we will set up your
free 1-hour coaching session
& make sure this path is right for you.

What clients are saying...


"As someone whose career, education and every other facet of her being have relied on an evidence-base to make decisions, trusting my intuition has been a terrifying idea for me. The beautiful thing about Steph's coaching program is that it takes all that external knowing and quite literally helps you to practice and embody it. About 9 weeks into my 12-week coaching program with Steph, my therapist commented during a session that she noticed I'd become much more in tune with and trusting of my intuition. More importantly, I notice it. Through her coaching program, I've learned I have everything I need within me to truly "enjoy the journey" and make the most of my life."

- Jen