Your core values are your compass through life.

When you know your values, you can be more confident in your decision-making.
When you know your values, you know where to put your energy.
You'll know when to start & stop projects, jobs, relationships, etc.

Your values are the root of your ability to live a more aligned, authentic life.
When you embody your values, you embody your truest self,
and can start living a life you truly love.

My Values Discovery process is different than what you'll find elsewhere. Here's how:

  • It includes embodiment practices

  • We don't start with a list of words - we let the body and your inner voice bring the most authentic values words forth

  • You'll be guided to put your values in a prioritized order - this is HUGELY helpful with turning your values into a clear compass for your life and decision-making

  • We take it into ACTION - I don't leave you with a list of words. We do a deep dive into what those words mean to you, and how you can take action right now to start embodying them more in your life. This is where true transformation through values starts.


  • 2-hour virtual session

  • $88

  • Session is 1:1 - just me & you

  • Come in comfortable clothes

  • Bring a pen, notebook/paper, and 8 small pieces of paper (ex: sticky notes, 3x5 cards)

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